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The Black Death in Your Garden – LiGHTS

Friday 30th September, 12noon to 6pm

You are invited to attend An exhibition and talk showing how back garden digs can reconstruct the impact of the Black Death.  Presented by the School of History & Heritage’s Professor Carenza Lewis.

Open for all – students and non-students.  Entry is free.

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‘Ampersand’ – the MA Fine Art Degree Show 2016


7th – 23rd September, 2016

& (pronounced Ampersand) brings together eight artists from across various disciplines.  Through questioning the role of art, discourse is developed promoting critical thinking.  Consequently, each exhibiting artist has developed a unique practice.

Holly Bowler’s practice explores how technological advances have created an unsustainable way of life.  By using a combination of traditional drawings and modern technology, Holly raises awareness of environmental concerns.

Emily Connor’s work focuses on how she encounters and documents experiences by drawing in a variety of spaces; landscape, seascape, coffee shop and train.  These drawings stimulate further translations in the studio; so that Emily feels  immersed in the marks that she makes.

Patricia Ferguson is interested in how imagery alludes to that which is not visible, and the paradox of the presence of absence contained in an artwork.

By embracing fieldwork to engage with landscape, Gemma Green questions what it means to have a sense of place.  Her responses utilises the expanded practice of printmaking.

Amy Hewitt collaborates with the Half-Open Skin, where their physical presence  invokes a sense of the ­­­­­­­other through its monstrous qualities.

Catherine Pritchard's Ceratti 2

Through installation Catherine Pritchard questions human behaviour in relation to  desire.  She further questions whether behaviour is unconsciously manipulated by extrinsic sources.

James Richardson’s practice explores how art has mimicked cinema; through size, scale and means of production.


Verena Vuori seeks to explore pig consciousness and questions how humans and  pigs can relate to each other as inherently different but equal life-forms.

This exhibition represents the culmination of a journey within the MA Fine Art Course; the exhibiting artists collectively consider the thought that ‘the Ampersand reminds us that nothing truly ever lasts for ever, but there is always an AND’.

Entry, as always, is free, and the gallery is accessible to wheel-chairs.

Open Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm.

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A Body of Relations: re-configuring the life class

By Yuen Fong Ling

1-day only exhibition

Thursday, 11th August, 2016

Yuen Fong Ling, as part of his PhD-by-practice viva examination, presents art work – including drawings, ceramics, AV-work, and archival material, for 1-day only.  9am to 4pm.

Project Space Plus Gallery, AAD – East Wing.

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What’s On

Perhaps (An Investigation Outside the Laws of Thoughts), by Raqs Media Collective

8th July – 8th September, 2016

Raqs Untitled 1

Gymnasium is delighted to announce that New Delhi-based artists Raqs Media Collective are producing a new temporary work to be sited in Lincoln this summer:

Two arcs rise and fall by the water of the Brayford Pool, facing Lincoln University. Coated by a sheer reflective surface, the two arcs mirror each other, the water and their environs, creating an illusion of a fold in space, a thickening of air. The arcs are also portals. And as portals, they recall mathematician George Boole’s ‘logic gates’ – conceptual sites of entry and exit for answers to questions that can end in either a yes or a no answer – which he first spelt out in his ‘Investigation of the Laws of Thought’.  Today, logic gates, are the building blocks of computer programming.

These two arcs stand close, one nested into the other such that It would be possible to enter one, and then the other, and then exit through the first again, without changing one’s direction. One could think of this as a way of entering a NO gate, by passing through a YES gate, and then exiting through the YES gate again. In this way, maybe we make room for a PERHAPS.

Would this entail an investigation, into, and then outside, the laws of thought? Perhaps.

Lincoln was George Boole’s birthplace. He must have walked by Brayford Pool, asking questions that needed answers in yes, no, and perhaps, perhaps. This work remembers those moments outside the boundaries of yes and no, just outside the limits placed by the laws of thought.

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Art Talk – Elizabeth Fisher

As part of its Spring season of art talks, The Collection will welcome Elizabeth Fisher – an experienced curator, writer and editor with a specialist interest in C20th and contemporary art.

Her talk will be at 3pm, Wednesday 3rd February.  All are welcome and entry is free.

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