Coming up next: Do Not Microwave

26th May to 10th June, 2017

Do Not Microwave by BA Fine Art

Fine Art Degree Show Poster 17

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Coming up next: Aphantasia: Twelfth Night

12th May, 2017

Andrew Bracey and Annie Morrad


A reproduction of a historically important painting is presented in the gallery at the same size as the original. A layer of clear gesso is applied, which then reacts with the photographic print and is moved about on the surface using the movements created by ‘embodying a gestural painter’. A saxophonist improvises on to create a sonic landscape that both influences and is influenced by the act of painting. The audience is invited to document the activity in anyway they feel is fit or best to them. The performance ends after 3 hours or when the gesso and ink dries or the saxophonist reaches a state of exhaustion. Aphantasia refers to a condition where the individual cannot visualise. The final painting is left in a state of abstraction, far from the original composition, but using an amalgamation of all the colour and gesture of the original painting.

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Currently happening; Gallery closed for private use

 1st May to 5th May, 2017

BA Fine Art

The Gallery will be closed from the public between these dates due to a private assessment

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What’s on: Labyrinth of a Life

17th April to 28th April, 2017

BA Music Assessments and performance


*The space will be closed to the public with the exception of 26th-27th April for a live performance*

Welcome to ‘Labyrinth of a Life’. Held for 2 nights only from the 26th and 27th of April, 7pm-9pm at the University of Lincoln, UK. This event is free, but please register and book your time slots now! Expect live performances, film, dance and much more. The event will take place at the University of Lincoln in the Art, Architecture and Design building.

Karl Robbins is a 67-year-old man, he falls into a coma and is taken to hospital. Whilst in the coma he is unaware of his surroundings and the entire present day world.
Audience members will take on a journey through Karl’s mind, seeing important parts of his life and what has made him the person he is. Exploring a wide palette of emotions through various memories, the audience will follow Karl’s mind as he looks back on his life. Follow the life of Karl Robbins as he goes on a journey experiencing different memories and emotions of his life.

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Whats on: Postcard Exhibition

28th March to 10th April, 2017

Expiry Date by BA Fine Art

expiry date poster actual

The work of 47 artists and is curated by the cohort, and is used as a means to visualise the degree show in a condensed environment.

  • Postcard Exhibition

As part of the BA fine art Pre-Assessment they are doing a ‘Postcard Exhibition’.

All postcards are available for purchase with all proceeds going towards the Fine Art Degree Show, ‘Do Not Microwave’


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